Contract Laboratory

  • non-GMP, small-scale laboratory for solid oral dosage forms (see laboratory tour)*
  • Formulation development trials
  • Process optimization trials
  • Investigative trials

  *cannot handle controlled substances, cytotoxic compounds or cephalosporins

Product Development           

  • Advise and assist with pre-formulation activities
  • Propose trial formulations and evaluate results
  • Prepare development reportsPharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment


Process Optimization

  • Propose and design appropriate trials to challenge and optimize the process, as well as increase product robustness
  • Prepare optimization reports


Technology Transfer and/or Scale-up

  • Review process and adapt to appropriate equipment
  • Prepare technology transfer reports


Process Troubleshooting

  • Investigate issues by monitoring the formulation and process, as well as by reviewing manufacturing and analytical documentation
  • Design small scale experiments to identify and resolve problems
  • Prepare investigative reports


Process Improvement

  • In-house monitoring and review of processes in order to identify areas that can be improved
  • Suggest ways to streamline the process, increase process efficiency and robustness


Training Seminars

  • General or specific topics pertaining to solid oral dosage form development and production
  • Seminars can be tailored to provide technical insight and understanding to non-production departments (ie. Regulatory Affairs, Sales, Marketing, Analytical Laboratory, etc.)


Technical Representation

  • Carter Pharmaceutical Consulting Inc. will serve as your company's technical representative when dealing with contract manufacturing facilities